Blue grit bin

New grit bin

Kinwarton Parish Council have provided a new grit bin, situated on Gerard Road, outside Alcester Academy. This will help keep the school children, staff and residents safe in the event of icy weather.


Daffodil Planting

Many thanks to the councillors and members of the public who helped planting daffodil bulbs recently on Captains Hill. We will enjoy them in the Spring and plant up further sections next year.

Road Name Plates

Phase One of the renovation of road name plates is now complete. Phase Two will take place in the next financial year, in 2024. Our thanks are extended to Cllrs Barley and Barnett for their hard work on this project.

Parish Elections in England

Nominations for new parish councillors were submitted to the Returning Officer at Stratford District Council, and with an uncontested election the following persons were duly elected Parish Councillors for Kinwarton:

  • Susan Barley
  • Bill Barnett
  • Mike Giddings
  • Jean Langdon
  • Margaret Moore
  • Karyl Rees

Councillors have since co-opted two further councillors,

  • Nigel Loomes
  • Gill Forman

The Council is now at capacity, with 8 councillors .

Native plants at St Mary's Park

Queen’s Green Canopy

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Kinwarton Parish Council have planted a new copse in St. Mary’s Park, consisting of a selection of native species. As they grow they should provide a peaceful area for walking and contemplation.

A man on a motorcycle

St Mary’s Play Park

Its is not permitted to ride motorbikes/quad bikes in the park. It is dangerous for other park users, noisy for local residents and damages the grass. If you should witness motorbikes, please call the police to report a public disturbance and danger to the public, and email

The council members at St Mary's Park

St Mary’s Park

The children’s play area within St. Mary’s Park has a good range of exciting play equipment.Aided by a contribution of funds from Redrow Housing under the terms of the agreement allowing development of ‘The Pastures’ residential housing estate, the Parish Council was able to replace several pieces of equipment so as to enhance the play experience available at St. Mary’s Park.

Consideration was given to providing a range of equipment suitable for a variety of age groups and abilites and the result has been well received by local residents and children. More recently, new swings have been added to the park, updating the 50 year-old sets to modern safety standards.

For those new to the area, the park can be found on St. Mary’s Road which is at the end of Throckmorton Road. There is also an extensive grass area to enjoy – suitable for ball games, walking, exercising etc. The park is also popular with dog walkers and is well served with 2 dog waste bins so that the area can be kept clean.

The river Alne meanders around the edge of the park and is popular with fishermen.

Please find below Essential Weather Links for our Area:

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Auto Level Information, River Alne, Little Alne

Auto Level Information, River Arrow, Studley

EA Warnings


River Avon, Stratford

EA Cameras

Clean up after dogs poster

Clean it up!

As a parish we are fortunate that the majority of people clear up after their dogs. The Parish Council provide and pay for the servicing of dog waste bins in the area. The bins can be found at the following locations:

  • St. Mary’s Park has 2 bins
  • Captains Hill at the entrance to the Heart of England Way
  • Seymour Road located approx half way along
  • Kinwarton Farm Road where the residential area meets the industrial estate