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Financial Audit


The Financial Year ends on 31st March each year. Accounts are kept up-to-date by the Responsible Financial Officer, along with records of invoices and payments. Following preparation by an Accountant, Parish Council accounts are internally audited before being sent to external auditors, Moore.

Members of the public can request to view the accounts during the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights, which is advertised by the Parish Council. Following the completion of the audit, the AGAR and Conclusion of Audit is also available for the public to view.

Kinwarton Parish Plan

Based on the findings of an anonymous questionnaire of the residents of Kinwarton in Summer 2016, and a Public Meeting held in April 2017, this final document has been produced and includes a prioritised list of actions required to address the issues raised by the residents. The Action Plan will be regularly reviewed by the Steering Group and the Parish Council will report on its progress each year at it its AGM.